The Jewish Storytelling Project from Keegan Curry on Vimeo.

Jewish Impact
We are a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and sharing Jewish values through the art of Jewish storytelling. We are planning on creating an online Jewish story telling resource center and, in partnership with Gratz College, one of the oldest Jewish colleges in the U.S., we are also creating a story telling curriculum to teach the art of Jewish story telling. 

We feel strongly that Jewish stories are a treasure that we need to protect and nurture and that the fine art of storytelling needs to be taught and preserved so that the fabric of who we are stays strong in intact in a rapidly changing world.
From our beginnings in antiquity, our Jewish People have been defined by the stories we tell. As Jews, our stories are not only collected pieces of who we are as a People, tales to be passed down from generation to generation, our Jewish Stories also serve to tie us together as an Enduring People.  

In one sense, the Jewish storyteller fulfills the same function as the teller of tales in any culture — passing on stories to the next generation to keep the culture and its way of life vibrant and thriving. 

This task takes on a particular urgency for a culture predominantly in exile from its spiritual homeland and in great danger of assimilation in lands where many of its people live comfortable lifestyles of estrangement or indifference.

We plan to archive a collection of traditional Jewish stories and create an online data base of stories, in addition to hosting live story telling events, to help preserve our heritage and to keep the joy and art of Jewish stories alive and easily accessible. 

Our stories tie us together and unify us, no matter where we are.